We pride ourselves on being your source for everything Sarasota.  Throughout every step of the buying or selling process -- and beyond! -- we're happy to assist in connecting you with the best of the best.

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during the transaction

We’ve got more than just the basics covered!  Of course we have a list of great options for everything you'd expect: real estate attorneys, inspectors, mortgage lenders, and the like.  

But what if you want to know how much it's going to cost to renovate that last dated bathroom in your otherwise perfect new home?  Let us call one of our trusted contractors to get you a quote.  Want an idea of how to position furniture in your condo's great room in a way that best utilizes the space?  We’ll introduce you to our favorite interior designers. How about help coordinating the logistics of an international move? We’ll help with the legwork.

after closing

Our work isn't done when you sign on the dotted line and receive or hand off the keys.  Honestly, this is when we shine.  Here are just a few ways we help after closing.

  • Provide you with a full list of everything you'll need to get connected in your new place: utilities, cable, electricity, how to change your address

  • Recommendations on everything from movers to pest control companies to handymen

  • Point you in the direction of the best restaurants and shops in your new neighborhood

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and lonnnnnng after closing

This is one of the things we enjoy most about working in real estate.  We are not just "selling property" and "making transactions."  We are building communities.  We have made introductions between current and past clients that live in the same neighborhood or enjoy similar activities.  We have made camp recommendations for past clients who have grandchildren coming to stay for the summer.  We have booked rounds of golf for a client who wanted to show his father-in-law a good time.

The point is we're here for you and we now employ a full-time concierge person just for these types of things.  We are always happy to hear from you when you need anything Sarasota or to reach out if we discover something new we know you'll enjoy.  Let us be your Sarasota sherpa.