have we met?

I know my many miles of sandy beaches look familiar to you, but have we met?  Don't confuse me with Myrtle Beach or San Diego, I'm Sarasota, Florida--a truly unique and wonderful place to live.

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Beach Life

When you're scraping the ice off your windshield on a Tuesday morning, I know you're secretly thinking of me.  When you're shivering in your boots, and shoveling your driveway, and and writing the check for the January electric bill, you're thinking of me then too.  Now imagine it: instead of visiting it once a winter to tide you over during the worst of the cold, you could just live it.  Tee shirts in December, sandals an acceptable footwear year-round and in almost every situation, and a ice bucket full of libations on the beach after work on Friday nights. 

You don't have to dream it.  It's time to live where most people vacation.

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Amazing weather

Did you know I have over 250 days annually on average of pure Florida sunshine?  That's more than 50 days above the national average (and more than that for you lake-effect states--you know who you are!)!

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Vibrant life

So you've heard I'm just for older people, retirees, your Grandma lives in Florida.  Welcome to the NEW ME!  Between the bars & restaurants, festivals, outdoor events, beautiful beaches, loads of parks, miles of trails, and amazing array of places to go, there is ALWAYS something to do in Sarasota.

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thriving economy & Philanthropic community

Let's face it: life isn't just a beach.  It's also work, school, giving, volunteering... it's community.  My economic growth has outpaced the rest of the nation, meaning our local economy is doing great!  My residents care a lot about their neighbors too; our giving & volunteer communities are absolutely stellar.  Click here for a brief list of local non-profit & volunteer organizations.

what you get for your $$$

Are you currently squashed into a 400 sq ft city apartment?  Have you forgotten what it's like for your bedroom and kitchen to be in different rooms?  Look no further.  Compared to our bigger-city contemporaries, you get a lot for your money with me.  Remember guest rooms?  Yeah, we have those here.  Has your dog forgotten what a yard looks like?  We've got those too!  All for less than you're paying for that NYC or Chicago studio!  If access to culture is what keeps you paying the big rent bill, I've got you covered there too.

Green-friendly, health-focused, forward-thinking

I have a very forward-thinking community of residents.  Green bags are everyone's favorite free gifts, and no trip to any of the many farmer's markets would be complete without today's freshest local produce, not to mention the absolute abundance of fresh sea air! 😍

Not only do I offer you plenty of food options, but life here is so healthy.  My residents can be outside all year -- that means year-round sports for your kids, not having to log marathon training miles on a treadmill (17 miles only looking at one thing?!  No, thank you!),  workout classes on the beach in December, and plenty of vitamin D all year!

I'm also current!   I have a variety of microbreweries, hot yoga studios, farmer's markets and specialty shops (fancy tea rooms to hookah lounges!) for every interest of the modern young adult.

Allison Werner, Reformed Michigander, Present-Day Kayaker & Beach Dweller

Allison Werner, Reformed Michigander, Present-Day Kayaker & Beach Dweller


We're just like you!

We both dropped everything and moved from the north.  It wasn't as hard as we thought, and are we happy we did (just wish it had been sooner!)!  Let us be your guide when you choose to make paradise your home.

Molly Russo, Fellow Reformed Michigander, Present-Day Year-Round Baseball Mom

Molly Russo, Fellow Reformed Michigander, Present-Day Year-Round Baseball Mom