Preparing Your Condo for Sale

In our last blog, we gave you an update on the luxury downtown condo market.  If you haven't read that one yet, we suggest you start there.  But to summarize, there are plusses and minuses to listing your condo in the summer.  Low inventory is a plus, but the tendency for condos to sit on the market for longer periods of time is a drawback to listing now.  Thus, it may be a good time to prepare your home to be on the market, so that you're ready to list in the early- to mid-fall, when season picks up and buyers are more likely to purchase.  

Here are a few things you can do this summer that will increase your odds of a sale in the fall!

Freshen up the entryway.  

For a condo, this is as close to curb appeal as you can get.  Take the time to make a good first impression by having a clean front door, a nice mat inside, and a friendly foyer/entryway.  Add a plant or a small table with a piece of art on or above it.  If it makes you smile when you walk in, it'll likely make potential buyers smile too.

Make repairs.  

This one is obvious.  If you have to jiggle the doorknob before you turn it or it won't unlock properly, or if that light in the hall is connected to the wrong switch, or if there is a pane of glass in your window with a crack in it, NOW IS THE TIME.  Make those repairs so that buyers know you've cared for the home they are potentially about to invest in.  They want to know they are not walking into a sea of unseen problems, so make sure everything they CAN see is pristine and in working condition.

Remove clutter and depersonalize.  

The goal here is to make sure that anyone who walks in could feel at home.  If they are looking at your Christmas village collection in June, or high school yearbook photos litter every wall, they may have trouble seeing themselves and their families in the home.  Keep your personality, but lose the clutter.

Organize pantries and closets.  

Buyers that are really interested in your home will want to know how it LIVES.  Where will they store things?  They'll open up your pantry and closets, so make sure these spaces look organized.  If a master closet looks like a cluttered mess, they will think, "There's not enough space in here for me!"  Tidy up, put away, and (the word of the hour) declutter these important areas.

Freshen up paint.  

This goes back to everyone being able to see themselves living in a space.  You may love having a pink bedroom, but the bachelor who is considering moving in will say, "Great, I know I will have to paint THAT!"  It doesn't matter if it's a color a buyer would choose to paint their own home, it matters that it's NOT a color that they WOULDN'T choose.  Keep it light and neutral.

Make it sparkle. 

While the bulk of cleaning will need to be done on a regular basis once your condo is on the market, now is a great time to do those once-in-a-while chores, like cleaning baseboards and ceiling fans and replacing that lightbulb that flickers once in a while.  Once you're having showings and open houses, you'll need to keep it tidy and sweep-clean.  Use this time now to get the pain-in-the-you-know-what chores done and out of the way.

Do a needed renovation or update.  

This is NOT a go-big-or-go-home situation.  Little upgrades can make a huge difference, but sometimes a major update is what's needed.  Use your judgment, but if you've always felt that one room holds the rest of your house down, buyers will notice that too.  A tired kitchen can be updated with new knobs and fixtures for just a few hundred dollars.  Or, maybe it's just time to rip out the 2" floor-to-ceiling tile with nearly black grout in your guest bath.  Either way, you've got a couple months here to get these bigger projects complete, which can increase the value of your home and decrease the number of days it sits on the market once it's listed.

Great First Steps But...

While this list has highlighted some of the obvious first steps to listing your condo, we are downtown selling experts and can help you hone in on other things can maximize your condo's value.  Give us a call today and we can come for a pre-listing consultation and talk to you more thoroughly about the needs of your specific home and help you be fully prepared to list come fall!